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Sunday, May 22, 2011

White Chocolate Berry Popsicles!

OK. So, its summertime... officially. And I found a popsicle mold for $3.99 at Target last week, so I figured it was time to start making frozen treats again. I started thinking about different flavors of popsicles and my all time favorites are from a place in North Carolina called LocoPops. They have a slew of milk-based ice-creamy popsicles that I love (in particular a mexican chocolate popsicle that I will try to recreate soon), so I decided I'd try to make something along those lines. I found this recipe online from David Lebovitz, whose frozen desserts are absolutely trustworthy. These turned out really well, although next time I will blend the ingredients before I pour them into molds... I think it'll be better if the flavors all combine- I have adjusted the recipe below to include blending. Makes 4 popsicles.

2/3 cup whole milk
2.5 ounces white chocolate
pinch of salt
6-8 ounces frozen berries
a squeeze of lemon juice

In a small saucepan heat the milk, chopped white chocolate, and salt over low heat just until the chocolate is melted and incorporated, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Pour into a blender, along with the frozen berries (I used strawberries and raspberries) and lemon juice. Blend until smooth. Taste and add any additional lemon juice or berries.

Pour into popsicle molds and carefully "rap" on the counter, like you would with cake batter in a pan, in order to get rid of air bubbles (pay no attention to the two air bubbles in my popsicle pictured above, eh hem). Freeze at least 6-8 hours. To remove from the popsicles, dip the molds in warm water, which will make it easier to remove. Serve and enjoy!

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