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About the Cookaholic

A shopaholic reformed (or just taking a break)…

I’ve been a food enthusiast ever since birth— the story goes that upon trying ice cream for the first time it took only one bite before I began flailing my arms in the air screaming “MORE! MORE! MORE!” (although, my parents say it sounded more like “Mo! Mo! Mo!”)
Ice cream is still one of my favorite foods, along with brownies, cheese, banana pudding, pies, bacon, zucchini, risotto, cookies, guacamole, my grandma’s potato salad, pizza, chocolate (everything), mac-n-cheese, yeaaaa- you get the idea……
Whereas food has always been a crucial part of my days (I plan my next meal before I’ve even finished the one I’m scarfing down), I have spent the majority of my adult life channeling my, ummm, “creative energy” into……. shopping. I’ve decided to slow the shopping down, and with this extra time (and money!), I’ve started cooking more and trying new recipes (and old favorites). I often share these yummy creations with my friends, who seem to be enjoying the fact that they can actually reap the benefits of this particular obsession.
So, here I am, a slave to graduate school, devoting all this extra free time that I have (Shhh, don’t tell my professors!) to this blog so I can document my cooking escapades for my wonderful friends who promise to read avidly. I hope I don’t let you down.