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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Late Summer Cheese Plate

I don't usually post things like this, since I didn't actually make any of the edible items in this picture... But I've been feeling guilty about my lapse in blogging and am probably over-compensating by posting anything I can deem even adequately appropriate for a food blog. Also, whenever I can get Jason (my favorite photographer) to take pictures of my food, I jump at the opportunity. And this picture is just too pretty to not post.

The fun thing about making a cheese plate/board is that you can add whatever you want to it and take out whatever you don't like, you can change it based on the season, or pick items based on what wine you'll be drinking. In general, when I'm making a cheese plate, I try to find a few different types of cheese (1 soft, 1 hard, 1 semi-hard), one kind of fruit, one kind of meat, one kind of finger food, and one kind of dip or relish. Below are some of my favorite potential combinations.

1 Soft Cheese
     - Triple Cream Brie
     - Burrata
     - Boursin
     - Goat cheese
1 Hard Cheese
     - Parmesan
     - Asiago
     - Romano
1 Semi-Hard Cheese
     - Cheddar
     - Manchego
     - Roquefort/Stilton
     - Edam
1 Meat/Charcuterie
     - Salami
     - Prosciutto
     - Soppressata
1 Fruit
     - Grapes
     - Sliced pear
     - Sliced apple
     - Figs
1 Finger Food
     - Marcona Almonds
     - Mixed nuts
     - Olives
1 Relish/Spread
     - Pepper relish
     - Pesto
     - Honey

Once you have bought and prepared all of your ingredients, place them on a large plate and decorate with fresh herbs or greens. Then... devour it!

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